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Most people can relate to the over-glorification of "Busy." How many times have you listened to your friends or coworkers brag with exhaustion as they talk about the 8 committees they serve on, work load, family duties, etc. almost as if whoever is the most exhausted, depleted, physically compromised "wins,' the discussion of who has it worse.

Imperfectly Mindfully Living is about finding the moments of joy amidst the chaos, learning to appreciate the now, and re-setting as many times as needed.  Join me, Amy Roberts (admittedly busy, imperfect, and yet mindful) as I host mini-mindful retreats on the weekends to provide a space for you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. 

Let’s practice this new way of not just surviving, but fully, imperfectly, living life, more aware, more intentional, and more at ease. 

Visit  the retreat page to learn more.

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